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IVAO is a free-of-charge online flight-simulation network providing endless experiences for aviation enthusiasts. Following free registration users can connect to the IVAO Network either as a virtual air traffic controller or as a virtual pilot and engage and interact with each other in a massively multiplayer environment utilising real-world aviation procedures, phraseology and techniques.

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It is that time of year again

IVAO XA along with many of the major IVAO European/American Divisions welcome you to the next Atlantic Crossing event. We will be departing Mexico/North America and heading Eastbound across the pond towards Europe. This year we are delighted to welcome the Mexican division who are proudly joining us for there first ever Atlantic Crossing Event. This means that you as the pilot will have more options to fly from then ever before. IVAO Mexico and North American will provide following airports:

- Mexico City (MMMX)
- Cancun (MMUN)
- Guadalajara (MMGL)

- Washington-Dulles (KIAD)
- Toronto (CYYZ)

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Hello folks!

IVAO North America Region is proud to present our 1st event in 2017 - Pacific Crossing - The long way to Hawaii!

On January 29th we will light up the Pacifc Ocean for you, on a oneway crossing airbridge between Los Angeles (KLAX) and San Francisco (KSFO), all the way to the beautiful islands of Hawaii and the airport of Honolulu (PHNL)!

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Place yourself behind the scope and manage air traffic with a high level of realism.

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Fly connected to our online network with other Pilots in real-time while receiving ATC service.

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Be part of our community with over 169,000 registered users. Join the conversation!

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